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We LOVE to fly, and fly so much that often there aren't any of us in the office to answer the phone. We don't mean to put anyone off, it's just that cell phones don't work very well up there!

We have provided the simple form below to request that you be contacted, and we'll send back a response when things have slowed down! If you would still like to try and reach us by phone, it is provided here, but please consider our form or email request. You can also email us directly at This form routes directly to that address :). You may want to see the small notice at the bottom of this page if you directly message us though!

(614) 459-1335 (please read above note!)

Intro flight customers: Here's our intro flight reservation signup. For those who haven't obtained a voucher or certificate yet, you can use the form below to open an inquiry, or email us!

Email notice:

We're getting reports of undelivered messages (particularly AOL and Yahoo/Ymail email addresses), or emails that are getting put in spam folders. Please ensure that you allow messages to originate from

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