Sport Pilot Training

Learning to be a pilot is now more affordable, accessible and fun!

The NEW FLYERS ASSOCIATION is the only flight school in Columbus to offer Sport Pilot training in brand new modern aircraft at The Ohio State University’s airport.

Sport Pilot

The FAA created the Sport Pilot license, which is the most significant change in FAA regulations in 50 years; it allows easier and lower-cost access for those wishing to participate in the joy of flight.

You can become a Sport Pilot with as little as 20 hours of flight instruction. You can fly a one or two seat aircraft capable of speeds up to 138 mph. And in most cases, you can pass the medical requirements just by showing your driver's license. That's not all...

Now You Can:

  • Obtain a FAA pilot certificate at a lower cost and with less time commitment than ever before.
  • Fly a sport pilot-eligible aircraft with your driver's license serving as evidence of medical eligibility.
  • Fly cross-country with one passenger

Whether you're completely new to aviation or have flown aircraft before, Sport Pilot is the new way to fly that is easier, more affordable, safe, and loads of FUN!

The Sport Pilot License is a new type of pilot certificate designed to get you safely and easily trained for recreational flying in Light Sport Aircraft. By restricting recreational flying for sport pilots to daytime, good weather, and in un-congested airspace, much of the complexities of learning to fly have been removed. As a result, the time and cost commitment to learn to fly are now half what they previously were. New pilots can be safely trained in a matter of weeks, versus months. Additionally, all hours logged sport flying can be applied toward higher pilot ratings, like the Private Pilot License. As a result, the new SPL is perfectly suited for beginner pilots, even as they aspire to eventually fly larger, more complex, transportation aircraft.

Sport Pilot License:

  • Training cost (estimated): $3,600-$4,900
  • Type of airplane: Any that meets LSA classification
  • In-flight training: 20 hours (minimum)
  • Medical Requirements: Drivers License
  • Minimum Age: 17 (you can solo at 16)
  • Certification Process: must pass a FAA written and practical examination
  • Can fly during daylight hours
  • Can fly cross country
  • Can fly during good weather with no low clouds
  • Can fly in controlled airspace with additional instructor sign-off
  • Occupants: 2 (pilot and passenger)
  • Altitude limit: 10,000 ft. MSL(mean sea level)

Learning to be a Pilot is Now More Affordable than Ever

FAA Minimum Requirements

Flight Design CTLS Rental 20 $115 $2,300
Flight Instruction 15 $40 $600
Sport Pilot Training Kit - $199 $199
Ground Instruction 3 $35 $105
FAA Sport Pilot Knowledge Test - $150 $150
Charts, Airport Facility Directory - $30 $30
Membership and Insurance - $350 $350
FAA Examiners Fee - $300 $300
Total Cost $4,034

New Flyers Average Estimate

Flight Design CTLS Rental 30 $115 $3,450
Flight Instruction 20 $38 $800
Sport Pilot Training Kit - $199 $199
Ground Instruction 5 $34 $175
FAA Sport Pilot Knowledge Test - $150 $150
Charts, Airport Facility Directory - $30 $30
Membership and Insurance - $350 $350
FAA Examiners Fee - $300 $300
Total Cost $5,454

Total cost is an estimate only, actual cost can be less or more than estimate depending on actual time required to complete course, and student’s level of experience.

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