Meet the Instructors!

There are different levels of instructor, called "Ratings". They are called CFIs, which means Certificated Flight Instructor.

"Sport CFI" only teaches only sport pilots. The base rate is $40 an hour.

"CFI" teaches all primary single engine pilots including sport. The base rate is $50 an hour, even when teaching sport pilots.

"CFII" - Known as a Certificated Flight Instrument Instructor, they also teach instrument pilots. There is a surcharge of $5 when teaching instrument students.

"MEI" - Known as a Multi-Engine Instructor, they are CFIs that also teach multi-engine pilots. Surcharge of $10 when teaching in multi-engine aircraft.

Major Richard Willis, USAF, Ret.

Ratings Held: Commercial Pilot, CFII, MEI

Richard's Biography

Seventeen year old Richard, a poor Northern Irish immigrant boy, stepped off the M.V. Georgic in New York harbor on July 10th, 1953. The heat was horrific! Nothing like the mild Irish climate. Anyway, he settled in Detroit with his parents and seven siblings, worked part-time jobs at the local gas station and hardware store while wrapping up a year of high school. With no prospects of higher education, he enlisted in the Air Force where he was trained as a radio technician. A co-worker, who was a private pilot, got him hooked on flying at the March Field Aero Club in Riverside, California. Near the end of Richard’s four-year Air Force stint, he applied for officer training and was enrolled in the the Aviation Cadet program where he won his navigator wings. He taught navigation for six years and then served for a year as an airfield survey officer in Viet-Nam. His next assignment was on C-130 Hercules in Germany. Then C-130s again in Kansas where the Air Force gave him ten months off to earn his degree in Aviation Administration along with a flight instructor certificate. He ended a twenty-year Air Force career at the C-130 school in Little Rock, AR.

While rehabbing the family home in Worthington he rented a Cardinal from NFA for personal family trips. When NFA learned that he was a CFI, they asked him to teach part time at which time the home remodeling took a back seat to flying. In 1978, NFA won the contract to run the Delaware Airport and Richard served as airport manager there for four years. The economy fizzled In 1982 so he parted company with NFA and flew his twin Piper for a cattle company. He also flew some air ambulance and charter flights from CMH, Bolton and Rickenbacker. He was a courier pilot at LCK when he was hired as chief pilot and flight operations manager at the FBO there. Richard left LCK in 1989 when the company went out of business. He was leasing his Piper Tomahawk to a flying club at CMH when he learned that NFA was about to close its doors, having sold its last plane. He restarted NFA with his PA-38 and gradually built it to nine planes with four full-time CFIs and a full-time mechanic by 2002.


Dan Tager

Ratings Held: Commercial Pilot, CFI

Todd Cramer

Ratings Held: CFII, MEI, Helicopter CFI (NFA focuses on airplanes)

Mike Stretanski

Ratings Held: CFII

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Major Robert Meyers, USAF, Ret

Ratings Held: CFI

Bob's Biography

I was born in Eastern Pennsylvania in 1936. I grew up in various locations ranging from Beckley, WV through Johnstown, PA, and graduated high school in the latter city in May 1953. I entered the Air Force a year later found something I liked to do and stayed for 23+ years, retiring June 1, 1977.


I began my career there as an aircraft/engine mechanic, and later, after earning a commission, received training as a Missile Launch Officer and instructed in the Air Force Launch and Maintenance Office Training Program, before starting my flying career. Received my wings in December 1964. Served as an Instructor Pilot in the Undergraduate Pilot Training Program at several locations. At one time or another, I instructed in The T-37, T-33, T-41, and the T-38 aircraft. Also, I served as an F-4 Aircraft Commander/Flight Leader, flying 252 Combat Sorties during the Vietnam conflict. Other duties I performed included Weapons System Safety Officer, Director of a Wing flight and Ground Safety Office, and Air Operations Officer.


After leaving The Air Force, I took a long hiatus from flying, but at the insistence of my grandchildren, I searched the web and found New Flyers at The Ohio State University Airport and began flying again. After he determined I might be able to handle the CTLS, Richard Willis asked if I might consider flying in the Club as a CFI. I have been fortunate enough to be doing so since December 2016.


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Successful Careers

These individuals are former flight instructors with NFA who have climbed their way to the top of the career ladder, and found great opportunities laid out before them!

Kurt Fada

Kurt joined NFA as a Certificated Flight Instrument Instructor in 2014. and now rolls with Republic Airways as of November 2015!

Christopher Seich

Chris joined NFA as a Certificated Flight Instrument Instructor on March 2014. and flew his way into Republic Airway's arms on August of 2015.