Membership & Pricing

How does New Flyers Association Membership and Pricing Work?

You may have seen, on our aircraft page, several different pricings. Each one of these reflects a type of membership and/or deposit. We'll explain what those are.

First, Casual Flyers are everyone in the general public who isn't a member or a member's guest. New Flyers Association is a member driven organization, but we understand that sometimes, people just want to scratch the itch and do a little flying. This allows you to forgo monthly dues for an additional rate on aircraft rental.

Note that you cannot solo an aircraft as a casual flyer or take more than basic flight training. You need to be a member for those privelages.

An Aviator Member is what we call someone who IS a member of our organization. They get full privileges of membership, including after-hours access, full training privileges, ability to rent, and invitations to NFA events.

How much does licensing cost?

Please have a look at the specific licenses on training programs to get a general idea of costs.