Joining NFA

Here's how to begin your journey!

To make things go quickly and smoothly, we'll ask for the following before you begin training, so as a recommendation, have this stuff ready:

  • TSA regulation [ 49 CFR 1552.3 paragraphs (c), (h), and (i) ] requires flight training centers to keep records of candidates' proof of US citizenship, or record of approval from the Transportation Security Administration. For proof of US citizenship, the following is needed:
    • Drivers license/state ID
    • Birth certificate OR passport. Passport is PREFERRED.
  • Payment method for initiation and dues (visa, mastercard, discover, american express, cash, or check). New Flyers Association is a flying club that offers flight training and aircraft for personal use to members. Dues cover the building lease, technology costs (website and scheduling system), and a small portion for ongoing staff operations. The rest is covered by aircraft rentals.
If you are not a US citizen, the TSA approval process is required. This includes green card holders. Click here for information.

The TSA requires all non-us citizens or nationals to have approval before flight training can commence. The TSA provides this Application Guide to help you gather your documentation, and to provide reference when you actually fill out the application. Here are what you need for Step 7, Training Details:

  • State: Ohio
  • Provider Name: New Flyers Association
  • Student ID: Leave Blank
  • Course ID: 101
  • Training Category: Class 3
  • Aircraft Type: CTLS, 172, Warrior
  • Start date: Approximately 2 weeks from when you fill out the application.
  • End Date: 365 days later from the start date

Once you have the documentation together, go to, and start an application.

We will be notified after you submit the application and accept it. The TSA will then review your application as well. If there are any errors, the TSA will kick it back to you with information for what to correct. If there are no errors, we will then need to do fingerprinting if necessary. Thereafter, the application is either approved or denied (with stated reason).



Also, for consideration, getting these following items done will help avoid delays during training if you choose to pursue them. They are not required to begin training, however.

  • Recommended consideration: Set up a medical examination (NOT needed for sport pilots). You don't need to have a medical in hand to meet with us or start training, but we do recommend that you at least get the process started. You only need a medical exam if you are going to train for any certificate other than Sport Pilot. DO NOT fill out any forms until you have had a chance to talk to an aviation medical examiner!
  • Consider financing options. The worst things you can do as a trainee, is to stop training. NFA recommends that you consider financing options as a "Plan B" if things come up short. We've partnered with Pilot Finance, Inc. Here's some general information.

Finally, we're a flying club. Initiation is $100 and dues are $25 per month.

"Let's get going!" We hear you say. Alright alright! CONTACT US and tell us how excited you are to fly!!!