Intro Flight Registration Form

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We're going to explain a few items first, and then have you fill in a form at the end of this page. We'll give you some fun images to check out while you get everything together!

N566FD Taxiing out for runup and takeoff!

Her name is Sunshine, and she has the cutest little tail :-)


We're getting this information in writing as it makes things a lot easier to coordinate between staff!

N6758F being prepped for flight

We haven't come up with a name yet for the Piper Cherokee Warrior, but she's still amazing!

We need to know weights:

There is a weight limit of 250 pounds per person. We’re going to be serious for a moment, because it really is that important. That’s 250 pounds total, including clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. While there is a safety factor built in, it’s unknown where that safety factor ends. That’s why when we say 250 pounds, we really do mean 250 pounds, because it’s a very serious safety issue that we pay close attention to. No exceptions! We reserve the right to weigh anyone before providing service.

If you need to guess weight, it’s better to guess a little higher, but please try to be within 5 pounds.


Planes get lonely too, so we found Sunshine a playmate! Meet Sunbeam!

Phone numbers and text messaging:

Many cell phone providers have what is called an "email to SMS" gateway. Basically, we send a very short text messages about the appointment, including cancellations or changes, to the gateway, which will forward them as texts to the redeemer's phone. They are very highly recommended!

So that we know which gateway to use, we need to know the cell phone provider/carrier. Not all of them support this functionality, unfortunately, and we'll let you know if your carrier isn't supported. If texts are not wanted, just leave that part of the form blank.

We ALWAYS send emails about appointments too.

Warning: our emails always include an unsubscribe link if a person wishes to not receive messages anymore. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED IF YOU HAVE PENDING APPOINTMENTS. This turns off ALL messages, including text messages, so we will have no way to send updates on appointments!


These little planes are so much fun that we just had to get another! This one's name is "Sunrise"

Due to demand, our members and students are finding it increasingly difficult to schedule weekends. As our members and students are our first priority, weekend reservation requrests are very limited.

We are happy to schedule you during the weekdays, and enjoy the full benefits in doing so!