Intro Flight Registration Primer

Due to demand, our members and students are finding it increasingly difficult to schedule weekends. As our members and students are our first priority, weekend reservation requrests are very limited.

We are happy to schedule you during the weekdays, and enjoy the full benefits in doing so!

Welcome to New Flyers Association!

New Flyers Association is a Flying Club. For almost all of our members and staff, flying is a hobby. We do this out of a love for aviation and meeting like minded people! :-).

Before we can get your appointment set up, we're going to need you to register. We have to maintain records to comply with regulations.

If you are scheduling for someone else, please provide the contact info of the person redeeming. We do not provide surprise flight reservations under any circumstances. We will be sending them information regarding their flight.

Introductory flights are offered only once per person. It's a regulatory limitation in aviation. If you want to fly some more, you can become a club member and continue!

Does your voucher expire soon? Have a look at our expiration policy.

Expiration Extension Policy for gift certificate holders:

This extension policy is provided as a courtesy. We'll only make gift certificate extensions for the reasons listed below.

  • Weather
  • Maintenance
  • NFA Related Event (such as instructor illness)
  • Airport or Government Flight Restriction

All gift certificates have expiration dates on them in one form or another. We can extend the expiration date THIRTY (30) days from the date of your last cancelled appointment. These extensions can repeat indefinitely as long as they are due to the reasons provided.

If we are unable to offer an opening to you for scheduling before a gift certificate expires, we will extend it until we can offer you an opening.

If you contact us just before the expiration date, we need to create a reservation within 30 days of the expiration. The intro flight registration must be completed before expiration or it will not be extended!


  • A gift certificate expires June 1st. You had a flight flight which cancelled due to weather on May 15th. The gift certificate expiration is extended to June 14th, which is 30 days from the cancelled appointment on May 15th (May has 31 days).
  • If you are rescheduled again due to maintenance on June 5th, then the expiration is now July 5th (June has 30 days).
  • Finally, if you rescheduled for July 1st, and had to cancel due to personal reasons, the gift certificate still expires on July 5th. Even if we cannot offer you a spot by the expiration, the gift certificate is not extended due to the cancellation for personal reasons.

If any of the above is an issue, we'll be happy to offer a refund for vouchers. You can request a refund from the company that sold the voucher(s) to you. If you were gifted the voucher(s), then the person who purchased them will need to request the refund.

Please register for the flight:

We'll need you to create a support request so staff can get you scheduled!

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: On the button below, set the drop down called "Help Topic" to "Gift Certificate Scheduling". Fill everything in and open the ticket, and it will notify instructors and scheduling staff!