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Financing options are available!

New Flyers Association is partnered with Pilot Finance, Inc, to bring you financing options for your flight training!

Financing is a very good option in all of the following cases:

  • Supplementing existing finances to ensure you complete training. Maybe you have most of the money available, but not quite all of it. Or, maybe you aren't sure if you would complete your training within your budget. Pilot Finance can finance your program, and you only pay for what you use! Remember, the worst thing you can do while training is stop flying!
  • You have equity, but not liquidity. Financing is a great option to keep your assets while achieving your dreams! There's no need to sell your car to fly an airplane (although why drive a car if you can fly?). Pilot Finance is a great way to obtain leverage for flight training without giving up what you already own!
  • You are making a career move and want to spread out the costs of training. Pilot Finance DOES help with career moves in certain circumstances! It never hurts to ask!

In addition, pilot finance also finances your training material and fees!

How do I get started?

You'll need to review Pilot Finance's process on their website, and fill out an online application with them.

Here is their program information for students.

We also need to be aware that you intend to fly with us, so be sure to contact us as well!