Renter's Insurance

Insurance? What insurance?

New Flyers Association picks up the bulk of insurance for aircraft. You can review our policy information here. Members are required to carry non-owned hull liability to cover the insurance deductible and loss of use.

Below are two carriers that NFA members have used. NFA does not endorse any particular broker or carrier, as we recommend that you understand the kind of insurance policy and coverages that you are getting. Not all insurance is created equal.

A lot of our members use Candy Eichenberger with Avinsure Agency. Candy works with members so they clearly understand insurance policies and help you understand your options.

Candy Eichenberger is also NFA's insurance broker, so she understand's NFA's insurance policy too. That means she can help you with recommendations to supplement our policy!

Contact Phone: (740) 881-4188

Avinsure Agency Contact Form

Avemco is one insurance carrier that members have used as well. They are very easy to deal with, and members have reported no problem with the claims process. Be sure to mention NF04 as the referral code!

Avemco renter's insurance application

Sales and Service Phone: (888) 241-7891

Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association also offers various types of insurance to members. Renter's insurance is no exception. If you are an AOPA member, their policies are worth a look! Here's a link to their landing page:

AOPA Renter's Insurance