Medical Exam Information

What is a Medical Examination?

The FAA requires physical examinations and review of an individual's medical history before they may fly as a private pilot, or as a student pilot in an aircraft other than light sport. New Flyers Association strongly recommends that students who wish to obtain their Private Pilot License visit an Aviation Medical Examiner before starting training, so that if there is a medical issue that prevents you from obtaining your license, you will not have wasted a large amount of money on training.

Who may perform a medical examination?

The FAA certifies MDs to perform medical certificates. The medical grades are class 1, 2, and 3. Class 1 is the highest, and is required for Airline Transport Pilots, Class 2 is required for pilots for-hire, and class 3 is for private pilots and flight instructors. A class 3 medical is the only requirement for flight training, and sport pilots only require a drivers license.

New Flyers Association recommends John Schoettmer, MD, at the Delaware Airport. John provides medical consultations before you take your physical, allowing you to see if you are medically fit before you actually take the examination. His phone number is 614-746-5214.

Other medical examiners can be found by using the FAA AME Search.