Flight Reviews

No membership required!

Flight reviews and currency training are important aspects to aviation safety. New Flyers Association offers review services to the public without membership!

The Biennial Flight Review

Pilot's licenses never expire. They do, however, require what is called "currency" to exercise your pilot privileges. A "biennial flight review" (BFR) is one of the requirements to remain current; you need to take one hour of ground instruction, and one hour of flight instruction, to ensure you are up to date on regulations and piloting skill.

Even if you miss your 2 year review, you still keep your pilot certificate. When you are ready to start flying again, you simply need to get your BFR and you are good to go!

Instrument Currency and Instrument Proficiency Checks

Just like Biennial Flight Reviews, instrument pilots also require currency to exercise instrument flight privileges. They have two ways of doing so:

  • Instrument Currency - maintaining currency by performing instrument flight, in actual instrument conditions, or with a safety pilot. -OR-
  • Instrument Proficiency Checks - flying with a flight instructor and having them sign your logbook stating you are proficient. If an instrument pilot is out of currency for a long period, the IPC is the only way to become current again.

The beautiful thing about flying with NFA, is that there are a lot of pilots in our club that would love to act as a safety pilot!