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How you can become a professional pilot!

New Flyers Association has been training professional pilots for decades, launching them into very successful careers across the globe, from Air China, to Republic Airways, to Lufthansa, and many others! Our Light Sport Program has proven to be very popular, with the Light Sport Instructor saving new instructors thousands of dollars and years of training. Republic airways have already accepted two of our instructors in 2015 alone, and are very eager for more! Here's a bit about those two:

Flight instructor Colin had started flying when he was just 16 years old, and made it his lifeís dream. He earned his license at 17 with New Flyers Association, and began attending college for a bachelorís degree in Aviation Management. Colin finished his education, and used the Light Sport Instructor program to greatly accelerate his experience, and now flies for Republic after less than two years since becoming an instructor.

Flight Instructor John had been with New Flyers Association since 2001. He had instructing on and off for years. He was an information technology consultant for major banks and corporations, and recently made the decision to fly for the airlines at age 54, proving that itís never too late to change professions!

There are many, MANY people that have flown with New Flyers Association over the years and have moved on to a whole variety of other careers!

What careers are there?

Airline Pilot! Everyone knows who they are!

Air cargo! If you want to see the world, thereís always a need for pilots who can get packages delivered to their destination on time!

Aerial Photography! Low and slow is the game for good photos and breathtaking views!

Aerial Mapping and Surveying! Geological surveying, tracking wildlife migration, and fauna growth patterns are in demand by the US Government!

Aerial Tours! If there is an attraction that you are proud to show off, thereís a demand for people who have the charisma and skill to do it!

Flight Training! Maybe you just like teaching people how to fly? Experienced instructors are in demand!

The Light Sport Instructor is your starting point to a career

With only 150 hours of experience required, getting your Light Sport Instructor license is an inexpensive and time saving career move to start you on your way to making your aviation dream come true! While teaching others to fly, youíll also earn the credentials to be a professional pilot, and fulfill the requirements to upgrade to your Commercial license, and eventually your Airline Transport Pilot license!

How do I become a Light Sport Instructor?

The FAA has stated that you only need a Sport Pilot license! To save a little bit of time, we do recommend that you become a private pilot in light sport if you intend to upgrade later, as youíll need this license for your instrument and commercial ratings later on. By training in a light sport, you also fulfill the Light Sport Instructor requirement of 15 hours in command of a light sport airplane!

You will need 150 hours of total flying time (doesnít matter if it is with or without an instructor, as long as it is loggable!)

Finally, you need just a little bit of supplemental training before you go to take the tests, and we will help you take care of it!

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