Additional Training

Pilot training often doesn't end with just basic FAA certificates. There are many ways to further or refresh your flying career. These are things you can grow into as you gain experience, and further goals to achieve.

But we don't just train people for jobs, we also train to enjoy aviation.

Commercial Pilot Training

This is the big leagues. This is where people don't just see you as a guy with a plane, but the guy with a plane. You can start taking cargo and small plane jobs with this certificate, and begin working on your Flight Instructor Certificate. It's also the stepping stone for the Airline Transport Pilot, if you want to fly for the airlines someday.

Flight Instructor Training

There are several types of flight instructors that NFA can teach, and once you have them, you can also teach others in NFA!

  • Sport Pilot Instructor - This is a unique flight instructor rating, where the only requirement is a sport pilot license! Yeah, that's right! No instrument or commercial certificate is required! This allows you to instruct sport pilots!
  • Certificated Flight Instructor - This is the standard flight instructor. It requires that you have an Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot License. This allows you to train almost everyone, no matter the certificate they want to get!
  • Certificated Flight Instrument Instructor - This is an add-on to the flight instructor rating. Because of the nature of instrument flight, and the precision required, an additional flight instructor rating, called the "Instrument Instructor," is required. You can get this as soon as you have your CFI!
  • Multi-engine instructor - This is another rating that allows you to train students in multiple engine aircraft. NFA does not currently have a multi-engine aircraft, unfortunately, but we do have instructors who can teach it.

Airline Transport Pilot

A pilot with this certificate is one who has a very large amount of experience. Rightfully so, because the requirements are steep. Becoming an instructor for NFA is one way to build time towards becoming an ATP, and when you have your experience requirements, that's when you can go to an ATP school and start the final home stretch training towards becoming top of the industry!

Formation Training

NFA does perform formation training to members who have trained with us in the past. It's not a service that we offer to new members, however, due to our insurance's requirements.